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10 Best Viloud Alternatives for Launching Your Own Linear TV and FAST Channel 02 May 2024

  Need for Viloud Alternatives Viloud is an online video platform that helps create live, linear, FAST and on-demand TV channels. It offers tools for uploading videos, live streaming, and organizing content into playlists. Users can customize their channels with … Continue reading

Linear TV vs. Connected TV (CTV): A Comprehensive Guide 06 November 2023

  The age-old tradition of tuning in to scheduled broadcasts on your living room screen has found itself in a head-to-head clash with the dynamic and customizable world of streaming services and on-demand content.   CTV or connected TV has become … Continue reading

What is Linear Streaming and How to Create a Linear Channel? 21 September 2023

  With rapid evolution of technology, online linear streaming channels have emerged as a powerful source to reach a large group of audience regardless of device and location in the world of media and entertainment. These dynamic platforms have crossed … Continue reading

What Is Linear TV? The Difference Between Linear TV Vs OTT 26 July 2023

  Are you a streaming business seeking clarity amidst the ever-evolving streaming landscape?  Wondering about the fundamental concepts of Linear TV and OTT services?  In today’s media industry, understanding the difference between these two broadcasting approaches is vital. While Linear … Continue reading

Muvi Playout – EPG Style Cloud Playout Engine for Linear or FAST Channels Scheduling 20 February 2023

  Cloud-based linear TV channels and FAST channels are growing popular these days. Nowadays, more and more platforms like ROKU and Fire TV have added the capabilities to stream these channels natively. As a result, the demand from broadcasters to … Continue reading

Linear OTT & Ad Based Streaming Model: The Ideal Match in 2021 05 May 2021

The traditional broadcasting system needs a change. Linear TV has been the source of entertainment for a very long time, but with the medium of on-demand content rapidly rising, is there hope for the traditional broadcasting system to progress further … Continue reading

Discovery Kids set to foray into OTT service 11 April 2018

Discovery Kids, the children’s channel from Discovery Communication India is heading to debut in the OTT space. The network has partnered with streaming giant Netflix for the digital distribution of the series. The company although has not defined a date, … Continue reading

Virtual Service Providers providing OTT content changing the US video landscape 29 June 2017

According to market research firm Kagan, streamed bundles, online subscription services, self-aggregation and over-the-air delivery play extremely prominent roles in the US video landscape. Some stats from the research firm on the US video industry: Traditional multichannel subscriptions in the … Continue reading

Fox TV to replicate YouTube’s 6 second ad model 23 June 2017

Unskippable 6 second ads like the format adopted by YouTube are to be followed by the Fox Networks Group.The ads will first be seen on Fox’s video streaming apps and gradually on linear TV, according to Variety. For the first time, … Continue reading

Linear TV, digital video ad models come closer as premium video unification advances 19 June 2017

According to the Q1 2017 Video Monetisation Report (VMR) from advertising management solution provider FreeWheel, video monetization arising from live streams which mirror linear TV is on the rise. Desktop viewing makes up for 32% of ad view composition but … Continue reading