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Bring Broadway and Opera to your Audience through Video Streaming

Mousumi Rana Published on : 20 August 2020
Broadway and Opera Video Streaming


During Shakespeare’s days, the plague did shut down the playhouses. Is history repeating itself? Probably yes! The absence of theater lovers has left the Broadway and Opera houses dark and silent. And this silence is deafening. 

It’s true! The pandemic isn’t going anytime soon.

The world steels itself against the pandemic by banning public gatherings. And this has had a devastating impact on the performing arts. 

However, your show must go on! 

And an end-to-end video streaming platform makes it possible for you. 

Yes, your audience can still enjoy the drama and applaud at their screens. 

In the next 5 minutes, we are going to explain to you how to take your Broadway And Opera online on a video streaming platform.


  • Create an Awesome Website

The first step for your shows to go online is to launch your Opera and Broadway streaming website. And for this, all you need to do is sign up with an end-to-end streaming platform. With such a platform, you can instantly deploy your streaming service after submitting all the necessary details. 

Once your account is set up, you will have Broadway streaming service created in a few minutes and preview it instantly. If the website appeals to you, you can Purchase the subscription directly. 

If you feel stuck at any point, you can browse through the help articles or contact support team that will guide you through.


  • Customize your Website

Your audience love the drama and comedy that your team brings through your shows. 

How about giving them the similar dramatic feel of being in your Opera and Broadway theatre starting right from the aesthetics of your streaming website?

Your streaming app can leave a lasting impression on your audience’s minds when you customize it that way. For this, you need to use a template that aligns with your brand persona. This will create more viewer engagement throughout their streaming sessions.

Not to forget that you can add your logo and banner and have your fully white-labeled streaming platform

You can check for the Template marketplace and select the appropriate template and customize your Opera streaming service. Moreover, having a powerful visual designer can also help you with making any cosmetic modifications right away.  

Again, after all this is done, you can always preview and check if your streaming website’s aesthetics is appealing. Once you are satisfied with it, you can then proceed to the next step.


  • Upload Content 

After finalizing the template, you can upload all your show content on the CMS. As per your convenience, you can choose a single video file and also upload all show content altogether from your personal computer. 

A good streaming website like Muvi will support multiple import options to upload content from 3rd party cloud drivers. 

So, uploading all your content from Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or to an advanced CMS becomes very convenient. Some basic information like Content Name, Content Category, and Description are required during the uploading process. 

Once your show content are added, you can again instantly preview them.


  • Set Monetization Model

Basically, an On-demand streaming platform for your Broadway and Opera bridges the gap between your theatrical art and your audience. At same time you value the association of your artists. 

One of the best things about having your theatrical streaming platform is that you can monetize all your shows.

This can help you support all your artists and team and also contribute to worthy charities.  

You can put your shows on multiple monetization models like Subscription(SVOD), Pay per view(PPV), Video Ad-Supported(AVOD) or Transactional(TVOD).

In fact, you can combine all of them! Also, you can link your streaming service to your own payment gateway and support multiple currencies

[Muvi supports Hybrid, crowdfunding as well as donations.]


  • Expand Brand Recognition with Multilingual Subtitles

When you have a bulk of Opera and Broadway art performances with multilingual subtitles, you can reach a global audience. Thus, your brand expansion becomes easy. 

A platform like Muvi provides you with the option to add multilingual subtitles for your theatrical content. What happens here is that your Broadway and Opera, which is located in a specific region in a specific country, can attract viewers all across the world. 

And most importantly, they can watch your shows instantly without having to travel amid the pandemic. So, you get viewers all across the world in real-time.


  • Announce your Online Presence

If your customers are not aware of your OTT presence, there is no point in going online. So, it is very important that you let them know that your streaming website for Broadway and Opera is up and running despite the shutdown of your theater venue. 

For this step, you need to announce your online presence in some marketing channels like social media, emails and text messages. 

Check out our blog on Tips & Tricks for Live Streaming to a Remote Audience here!


  • Go Live

Executing the above steps will take just a few minutes. But, once you go live, you will understand how wide your audience actually is far beyond your regular ticket buyers. 

Ensuring social safety, you will basically let your viewers enjoy your shows at the comfort of their homes. At the same time, you will create opportunities for your actors and artists to stay in paid work too.

So, there you go! You have your Broadway and Opera streaming website for your shows to be premiered!

 Take our 14-Day Free Trial to get started!


Written by: Mousumi Rana

Mousumi is a Content Marketer for Muvi. She is passionate about writing corporate blogs, articles, case studies, and marketing collaterals. When not working, she loves to dance, gym, and explore new places.

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