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Discover 6 Hidden Features of Muvi you must try today!

Roshan Dwivedi Published on : 03 August 2017
6 Features of Muvi OTT Platform You Are Not Using

So, you have been accustomed to how easy Muvi makes it to create and maintain your OTT streaming service, however, do you know that Muvi has more than 500 features with new ones releasing every month! Just in case you accidentally missed out on some incredible features, with this blog, we want to throw some light on some hidden robust features that you can certainly benefit from. So continue reading if you want to leverage Muvi to optimize your OTT business.

6 Hidden Features of Muvi Platform:

  1. Muvi Playout

Have you ever dreamt of launching your own TV network with different channels across a broad range of categories but are overwhelmed by thoughts of how you are going to implement it? just hang in there because Muvi is here to help!!

Muvi’s Playout feature will help you create a Live OTT TV Channel and broadcast it across web, mobile and TV to millions of viewers instantly! Imagine the power of launching and running your own personalized Live TV Channel across Smart TV apps like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Android TV as well as on iOS and Android mobile apps capturing the viewer base across these platforms and letting them tune into your custom crafted programming!

Using Muvi Playout is dead simple, simply upload and schedule your on-demand videos to be played at a certain time using our online scheduler, just like regular Linear TV, choose a time slot and hit the button and Muvi will do the rest.

You can add, schedule and manage Live TV Channels with your on-demand content. You could do so easily by just dragging and dropping on-demand videos on any date/time slot in the scheduler so it can be scheduled. You can also schedule the videos to be run repeatedly by clicking “repeat” and setting the video’s re-run frequency across weekdays and weekends. You could set a schedule for daily, weekly, monthly runs within no time.

You can edit channel information with the Edit option or delete a channel if you no longer wish to offer a specific channel in the Manage Channels panel for Playout. An Electronic Programming Guide (EPG) lets you and your viewers keep track of your favorite shows and see what’s upcoming in the following hours, days or weeks. So you can easily view the program details like metadata, poster image, title and set reminders for shows.

So essentially Muvi Playout is very powerful and unique and lets you simulate a live TV-like experience from standard VOD content. Just drag and drop videos to the scheduler and voila!! You have a live TV like experience where videos are played at the scheduled date and time. What’s best is Muvi offers this incredible feature at a fraction of what it would cost you otherwise. So go ahead and give it a try!

Click here to learn more about Muvi Platform or click here to learn how to activate and use it for your account.

  1. Monetization – Pay Per View bundles

As you already know, Muvi offers Pay Per View model for you to monetize your video content. Alternatively known as Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) or Rental model, this monetization model lets you sell your videos online so users can access them on a one-time-fee basis which can be restricted by the number of views, number of hours or offer unlimited (buy) option as well. With this option you can either sell individual videos or a set of Videos (Multipart Content) to end users.

What you probably don’t know and may not be using is the option to sell Multiple Videos as “bundles” and offer them as a Pay Per View bundles to your viewers and set a time or view limit for users to consume the same.

What this essentially means that you can a group of a bunch of videos (E.g. All Action Movies) and sell them as a “Bundle” (Let’s call this “Action Bundle”) and set a PPV price and rule for the same.

It’s a steal for your viewers as they can pay a relatively low price per video when they purchase it as a “bundle” and the more viewers you have buying the bundles, the more you benefit with increased revenues.

Not such a bad idea after all than to offer an entire series of a TV show as a bundle or several movies bundled together at a value-for-money price instead of only offering individual episodes/movies separately.

Click here to learn more on how to activate and use Pay Per View Bundles on your platform!

  1. Policy Engine

Do you ever wonder if you could define parameters for renting a movie in terms of duration, the number of times it’s viewed, the number of devices it could be viewed on or be able to charge a separate price for HD quality vs SD quality? Your search for a platform that offers this type of flexibility stops here.

Muvi’s Policy Engine lets you set different types of access permissions on your monetization plans allowing you to set policies like:

  • Rent a movie for 24 hours for $1 and for lifetime for $5
  • A movie can be viewed a maximum of 5 times by a user
  • A movie can be viewed on 2 devices at a time.
  • Subscription plan A is free with Ads, plan B is paid and without ads
  • Sell Movie A on HD for $9.99 and same movie for SD for $4.99

So essentially you can create a rule/policy, set a price for it and associate it with specific content. This is a phenomenal feature that lets you create as many policies as you like that lets you try things out and maximize revenue from your content.

Click here to learn on how to use Policy Engine

  1. Custom Reports

As you probably already know, Muvi lets you monitor the performance of how your streaming service is doing with Reports & Analytics with which you can generate reports. However, what you may not know is that you can also generate custom reports with different custom fields, edit or delete reports as per your usage.

This will let you create more personalized reports that make more sense to your business needs like CMO, CIO reports or Revenue Reports for instance. You can choose default Column Heads or create custom Column Heads to generate your own custom report. You can also create multiple reports for different purposes by using different column heads.

Custom reports are available to be created on different parameters of your viewers, actions like transactions, views, revenue, bandwidth consumed, last login etc… can be configured in the report. Generating user level custom reports comes in handy when you are looking to track minute details about user performance and action on your platform and determines the entire direction of your business in future.

Click here to learn more on how to get started with Custom Reports.

  1. Multi currency

According to a recent survey, Netflix has been growing more rapidly in the overseas market as compared to the US. Amazon Prime has also expanded to several countries. Major players have realized that going multi-geography is the only way to sustain their business, so why restrict your streaming service to one specific geography? With Muvi’s multi currency and multiple payment gateways options, you too, can now expand the boundaries of your OTT platform and look at monetizing and maximizing your revenues from multiple countries.

With Muvi’s Multi-Currency option, not only can you setup different currencies for different countries, you can also set a different price in a different currency for each country that you want to expand your OTT streaming business to. Multiple currencies can be set for monthly & yearly subscriptions, Pay Per View (PPV), coupons etc. Additionally, you can view revenue reports in different currencies as well.

So if your subscribers are paying $50 for Game of Thrones season one series in U.S, you could offer the same for £100 in the UK.

Similarly, if a subscriber from India pays ₹500 for a popular movie, you could very well sell the same movie for $10 in the US. This kind of flexibility shelters you from fluctuating market conditions so you set a standard price for each country.

Imagine the revenue generation possibilities when the entire world is your audience!!

Click here to learn more about how to enable Multi-Currencies on your platform.

  1. Content Portal / Partner Portal

Content portal/Partner portal is another great feature that Muvi offers. Most video streaming services don’t own their own content. They typically buy licensing of content from movie producers like Disney, UTV, from content owners and producers. So the way it works is content owners/producers usually have a “revenue-sharing” agreement that says “if they make $1 million in Star Wars sales, the platform owner should give 30% share to Disney”.

But you may wonder, how does Disney validate how much money the platform made in that specific series sales? That’s where the Content/Partner portal steps in. Using Content/Partner portal, you can offer a login to the content owner that gives them access to the analytics of their content, how many views they have received on their content, how much revenue the sales of their content has made etc.

Muvi’s Partner Portal provides access to partners for various needs like uploading content, track video views, monitoring revenue and a lot more.

You can create and share partner logins with your content partners so they can run and manage their own self-managed content sections on your platform. So say goodbye to sending excel reports or any type of manual data entry because Muvi’s intuitive Self Managed portal provides a very user-friendly interface that enables your partners to manage their content at

If your content partners ask you for things like reports that let them know the status of how their videos are doing on your platform, well try Muvi because content partners will be able to access reports like video views from their partner portal itself which gives them a real time update about their content. So stop worrying about constant calls from partners asking you for analysis status updates because they can now take off all of that on their own.

Additionally, partners can view revenue reports without having to download any excel files or bothering you about calculations. Muvi automates the entire revenue calculation and report generation process to help you provide transparent and real-time revenue reports to your partners. So your content partners are happy to be able to track the revenue they make via your platform at any given point of time.

Click here to learn more about Content Partner Portal

Not on Muvi yet? If you are thinking of starting your own streaming service, check out Muvi’s one-stop end to end SaaS based OTT platform that lets you launch your own branded/white label OTT video or audio streaming service across multiple screens (devices) instantly!

Muvi takes care of it all, from IT infrastructure, CDN, cloud-based servers and storage, security, payment gateway integration, subscriber billing via different monetization models like Subscription video on demand, Pay Per View and AVOD, User Management , Reports & Analytics to website & apps and a ton of other features to provide a fully managed all integrated solution for you to be able to be ready to launch in 1-click!. So hurry up and check out Muvi, if you want to kickstart your streaming service instantly. Sign Up for a 14-Days FREE trial.

Written by: Roshan Dwivedi

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