Audio / Video streaming trends to watch out for in 2020 13 December 2019

  The OTT industry is wrapping up 2019 with some heat in the market. With consumers switching to online entertainment, media consumption habits have undergone a paradigm shift.  Companies have not missed this chance for maximizing their revenue too. There … Continue reading

Webinar on “Building an OTT platform from scratch? Here’s everything you must know before you start spending” 12 December 2019

  Muvi is hosting a Free webinar on “Building an OTT platform from scratch? Here’s everything you must know before you start spending” at 10:30 am EST/ 9:00 pm IST on 19 December. Mr. Ankit Pandey, Director of Business Development … Continue reading

Advent of CMAF: Exploring the Basics of Low Latency Streaming 06 December 2019

  As the number of viewers abandoning traditional satellite and cable services reach new heights each year, video content owners and broadcasters think over new ways to meet speedier delivery of live productions. In order to generate faster delivery of … Continue reading

Different Types of Content Management Systems 29 November 2019

  Every business owner knows, it is important to manage content storage and streamline information flow. Right from the inception of your company, if you are able to have a good, structured content management, your potential to maximize business operation … Continue reading

HLS vs MPEG DASH: Which Streaming Protocol Should You Choose? 22 November 2019

  Considering the fact that video consumption is supposed to cross 60,889 PB per month by 2022, delivering low latency live video and on-demand streaming has become the need of the hour. But, the question is – which streaming protocol … Continue reading

Webinar on “How to Price Your Audio/Video Content” 14 November 2019

  We are hosting a Free webinar on “How to Price Your Audio/Video Content?” at 11 a.m. EST / 9.30 PM IST on 22 November.  The webinar will be hosted by the CEO of Muvi, Anshuman Das.    Join the … Continue reading

Credential Sharing in Streaming Business: Ways to Tackle the Problem 12 November 2019

With the popularity of streaming services skyrocketing for the past few years, millennials have now devised a new way to enjoy premium VoD services at no cost- through password or credential sharing. Credentials sharing, which is happening unbeknown to the … Continue reading

Creating your Niche: Competing with OTT Biggies 04 November 2019

If you think that competing with OTT giants like Netflix, Amazon or Spotify is impossible, think again. Despite Netflix and Amazon’s dominating presence in the entire streaming scenario, the OTT market still has room for all kinds of niche players … Continue reading

Beat OTT Video Piracy like a Pro – Proven strategies to Protect your videos from Illegal streaming 31 October 2019

Piracy or illegal distribution of videos is arguably the greatest threat for OTT industry, both in terms of economy and sustainability. As per the recent OTT streaming revenue insights, video piracy is expected to hit $9.1 billion of revenue in … Continue reading

Everything you Need to Know about Multi CDN Switching 23 October 2019

  Of late, the concept of a multi-CDN solution has been gaining momentum. Thanks to a series of global outages experienced by tech biggies like Google, Amazon and Apple, many global broadcasters and content distributors who cannot afford a single … Continue reading